Come join us for a day of exploration and contemplation in the mountains of Southern NH. The Day Walk in Meditation will incorporate a full day of sitting and walking meditation, and reflection in nature. We will create a place of refuge in the form of a moving retreat through which we will access our inner world through contact with the natural world. We will be hiking, sometime in silence, on and off all day, with several periods of meditation, contemplation, and group discussion. This retreat is perfect for  those who want to appreciate the natural world in way they never have before—with a quiet mind and open heart. Limited to 10 participants.

Where: Temple Mountain Parking lot on the South side of Route 101 in Temple, NH

Leader: Delia Kostner, Ph.D

Why: Mindfulness practice is seen as a means for enhancing well-being, relaxation, and introspection, all aspects of a healthy, well balanced emotional life. Connecting with ones self and others in the natural world in a more immediate, moment-to-moment manner, strengthens self-awareness, compassion and emotional resilience.

Fee: $65.00  Some scholarship available.